May 19, 2015

San Diego Photo Diary

Looking at the amount of pictures I took from this San Diego trip(5 weeks ago), it just hit my mind that I captured a lot more moments on snapchat instead. But hey! I finally decid to come back on this space more often with more "creative content" as companies have been wanting to collaborate and I have plenty of travel adventures to share as well. 

Sadly, this is my last San Diego trip ever because I'm moving away from California(technically United States). Not sure how I'm feeling about that to be honest. But, I'm vaguely excited the fact that school is almost over and I'm traveling again, leaving my friends and all the things behind kind of makes this a depression topic. 

On a brighter note, I'm traveling to Tokyo again with my family on June and I decided to try out Airbnb. So I ended up booking an apartment in Asakusa, looking from the pictures this apartment looks pretty cozy. Can't wait to be in Japan again! 
If you're planning to travel this month or interested in Airbnb, click here and you'll get $25 off your first booking(winks).

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  1. Your photos look amazing! They all match so well. Good luck with everything xx


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